Hi my name is Dan and I have over 25 years experience in exterior door designs, but in the process I have learned many different verticals related to the home improvement niche as well as landscaping niche which includes lawn care and tree service.

I am now expanding my business beyond the door niche into tree care industry as my brother in law, Bob introduced me to the great profit margins that can be gained from having very experienced skilled crew members which I have great access too.

At the end of the day what inspires me to get up in the morning is to see customers happy with my services, I love taking care of jobs they otherwise wouldn’t be able to handle on their own. I am always taking care of those needs that are very difficult to tend to by the ordinary man.

Other things I enjoy in life are spending time with my kids as they keep me pretty busy with sports activities as I have two boys and of course my beautiful wife whom I enjoy taking long walks with and watching various cinemas.

I am a man of many interest but my keen focus or purpose in life is to provide for my family a life I never had. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City in the not so affluent area and I face a lot of hardships as a child, my goal is to provide a life full of opportunities for my children while still retaining some of the valuable lessons of hard work and dedication.

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