New Property, What to look for?


What to look for in new property

Look there is many different facets, one must observe carefully on when deciding on property, one of them will include the fact that not all apartment complexes operate on the same standard of cleanliness and care. Do they do regular professional carpet cleaning? do they offer janitorial cleaning services? or do they leave it up to clients to do everything?

Pro Tip: Hire a professional tree service guys whom you trust and have him survey the apartment complex for you. He will tell you how well the carpets are maintained which gives great overall picture of the condition of all apartment complexes because unlike walls that can be repainted over, carpets are not replaced as frequent. Just like quality Tree Service is not up for replacement as this company:

One apartment could be 5 years old and another could be 10 years old, and depending on the standards of care from each owner, the 10 year old apartment could be in much better condition than the 5 year old apartment.We see time and time again that all apartment complexes come different and it is highly advisable to come see each property in person. Statistics and the numbers can only tell the surface story at best.

Put Fear on Back Burner And Take Action

As I spoke to my client based out of Sterling Heights, MI, one thing became certain was that he had been wanting to investment in apartment complexes for over 5 years, long before we met at the business expo. But he had a long story of why he has not invested yet and I sat there listening to him for good 20 min about this “story”, what became evident was that this was a cover up story and the real truth was that he was scared.

yes understandably so, investing in apartments can be daunting especially when you lack the knowledge behind what it takes to be successful in this investment move. See if we all knew that we would succeed 100% of the time, we would all take these actions but we are not fortune tellers, and we have what’s called fear and uncertainty that sets in and blocks us from getting what we truly want and desire.

Like all good self book says, you have to get to a point of getting sick and tired of fear stopping you and just simply take action. And then take more action. Whenever you feel the fear, take more action. Until taking action becomes a habit. Same thing applies to Apartment Rental Investment, whether you are in Michigan or Dallas, the market geography is the same. There are scared investors and there are investors that take action.

So with these words of encouragement, I wished my client in Michigan good luck and have him contact me once he figures out great properties to finally invest in. I will report on the progress as it develops. Return here for more insights…

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