Safety First: You must first respect the profession


There are many dangerous and potentially deadly professions in the world. Firefighter, racecar driver, police officer are some jobs that automatically come to mind when thinking of dangerous jobs. However, one many of us do not consider is a tree climber. Those men and women that are high up in trees usually secured with just a rope and a harness. Often surround live power lines and transformers. Anything could go wrong and cause a person injury and possibly fatal.

Which brings us to the importance of safety and training. A tree climber, pruner, trimmer, or any type of tree service worker; should be train and if possible certified in CPR, First Aid, and Aerial Safety Procedure. The International Society of Arboriculture offers classes and certification on this very topic. In addition, OSHA offers a safety training kit on its website that you can order and do at a locality of your choosing. Of course including aerial safety procedures.

CPR and First Aid training is necessary for everyone. It does not matter if you are a teacher, a plumber, or a stay at home mom, CPR and First Aid training can and does save lives. However, it is crucial for a tree climber. If something goes wrong while a person is in a tree, someone must be able to go up there and submit basic medical assistant until EMS can arrive. Which will pose some difficulty to a person who is not train on how to submit CPR and First Aid while in a tree.


Another part of the training that was previously mention is aerial procedures. The training should include describing and defining the following these different type of lifts: extensible boom platforms, aerial ladders, articulating boom platforms, vertical towers. You will discuss the material of each lift type. How to lock and secure each one. This information will ensure that you and your employees will familiarize him or herself with each one. When dealing with that type of height and potential for disaster you want someone who is comfortable and knowledgably about the equipment that is in use.

The training will also discuss what to look for on an aerial lift. That it should d be well insulated protecting its user and operator from electrical shock. Any part of the lift should well distance from the electric parts or wires. How to ground the equipment. How to safely operate and use any type of aerial lift with working on trees near dangerous things such as power lines.

As a business owner you must set, encourage, and prorogate safety and safety procedures. Teach, train and encourage your employees to learn, implement, and improver on safety. The men and women that work for you deal with dangerous equipment, incredible heights, and in some treacherous weather. Equipment them with the tools and knowledge to protect them during the workday. Just a little bit of time and money may just save your life or the lives of one of your employees.

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