Chemical Tree Removal Applications



The most common way of removing a tree is by cutting it down. You know a couple of people with a chainsaw, an axe, gloves, and safety glasses. Felling a tree. Another way that many people may not know about or even consider is to chemically remove trees. By using chemicals refer to as herbicide this can be easily done. To a bunch of trees, one tree, or even stumps. There are many ways of application when it comes to using herbicides each with its purpose.


Let us say that in your backyard you have noticed a patch of ugly, prickly shrubs. Now you have did not plant these, actually this is the first time you have seen these particular shrubs. You have tried digging them up, cutting them back; burning the thing but it keeps coming back. Well you might want to try this technique of applying herbicide. Take a saturated herbicide and completely spray the leaves of this shrub. I mean soak them down. You must take care to cover all of the foliage this is key when using this method of applying herbicide.

If you doing this in the early summer or what I like to call spring, use an auxin type herbicide. Spray the unwanted shrubs or tree leaves when they first start appearing, if you decide to do this in the middle of the summer or during autumn try using an enzyme inhibiting herbicide. This type performs better when the unwanted plant is full of foliage.


Now this technique is best use for smaller trees with a trunk diameter less than six inches. Moreover, because of the application process I would suggest only do this if there is a small number of trees or shrubs to eliminate. Too many and it becomes to labor intensive.

In order to do this you will need an herbicide that has been saturated with water and has had an oil added to it. Then you simply apply it to the bark of a standing tree using some type of sprayer.


Just like the title suggest this method, you hack into the tree with an axe, knife, or saw then pour the herbicide mixture. Make sure the cut into the tree is such that it will hold the herbicide there. This method is excellent for when you have one or two large trees.


This is to remove a stump of a tree. After the tree is cut to a stump immediately, apply a mixture of herbicide and water. If it is, a small tree then cover the entire stump in the mixture bur for a large diameter stump simply apply around the outside two to three inches thick. To control runoff it would be best to apply using a paintbrush as oppose to a sprayer.


If you have a lot of unwanted trees or shrubs or a dense compact area then this application process is ideal for your situation. Using an herbicide that is for soil usage completely saturate the ground underneath the offending trees or shrubs. This method attacks and kills the roots of the tree or shrubs, so saturation is key to a successful application.

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