Winner Attitude by Connor, Learning about Tree Care

Have you guys heard of this called Conner McGreggor?

He is the most confident man I’ve ever seen, just listen to his videos and you will see what a champion talks like, what a champion or a king carries himself.

Its important to build confidence in whatever craft or skill you’re involved in, we are all fighting to become the best at something, hopefully that something is a craft that you absolutely enjoy. For me its all about being the best tree climber in my state and getting paid top dollars. This is what I live for the big challenge of climbing trees fast and efficiently, and people see how safe and controlled I am up there taking down limbs at record speeds, the top tree service companies want me.

When it comes to tree service I am supremely confident like Connor make no mistake about it.

I think in life its important to develop a craft that one is extremely proficient in and to make sure that you are the best in one area its all about doing that one thing and excelling at it and becoming the best there is in a particular field. For me my pride is at stake everytime and its something I am doing anyway so I am always thinking about it its like a 24/7 thing for me. If I am spending that much time with it anyway, might as well become the very best in that particular field.

Its not work when I climb trees its an absolute pleasure, one time my uncle who is also a tree climber gave me a contest to see who can climb the the big 60 ft pine tree the fastest, during one of our family get togethers during thanks giving and we had a little contest backyards. I beat him by 1 min and won the bet of $100 since then he never challenged or questioned my skills again, and there is 20 year age distance.

Sometimes the age and fit factor plays into role, and for me I have the experience to backup the skills. Tree climbing is definitely a developed skill that comes as a result of repetitive work and dedication to the craft itself. I work very hard everyday to ensure I am the expert and I am the go to guy in my crew and my crew members actually come to me for support, tips and training.

In this way I make my own payroll, the companies would rather pay me top dollars than to lose me and all my skills. I bring a tree service company a lot of comfort because its very difficult to find tree climbers that are reliable and dependable, tree climbers that aren’t addicted to drugs or alcohol. So I am everything tree service owners dream employee and I set myself apart from the rest just like Mr. McGreggor

Be the best my friends, its the only way to get paid, follow this blog to continue learning more about the life of people that are at the top skill level of tree care.

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