Commercial Bidding in Tree Service Industry


After of few years of servicing residential properties. You’ve become more experience and knowledgeable. Because of your stellar work you’ve been approach by businesses both large and small about contracting to them. You have always turned them down, wanting to grow your business on a much smaller scale. But now you feel its time. Time to call back all those interested parties and start bidding on larger accounts. Now you feel it’s time to take your tree trimming business to the next level. That means going commercial.

There is a big difference between bidding on residential accounts and bidding on commercial accounts. An entire different process. In fact bidding on commercial accounts is all about crunching the numbers, as they say. It’s a numbers game. Most commercial buildings will try to save money in any way they can. So they will not even considered your bid unless is at a price they feel is the best deal. Keep this in mind when you start constructing your bids.

Know what the client wants and what he expects from you and your work. More likely than not they are other tree services bidding on the same job. And all of you are working with the same amount of overhead as far as cost is concern.

Know this and find out who is bidding on this same job. If there are other bidders find out how they normally bid. Also determined a formula that will correlate the size of the task and the number of man hours it will take to get it done. After you figure out the man hours to complete the task multiply that by whatever you plan on paying your employees.


How to bid tree service Jobs?

Make sure to include taxes, insurance, workers compensation, processing, on top of their hourly wage and whatever overhead you have. Then you factor in the cost of material, equipment, fuel for your machine and work vehicles. Figure how many working days you will have giving a little extra time for days with bad weather that may occur. This should give you a figure about what it will cost for you and your crew to do the job.

Now it’s time that you can include you’re profit. And that’s basically it. All these variable must be consider before submitting your bid. Of course there are ways that you can cut down your expenses, work more efficiently and save some money in order to receive a higher profit. But overall that’s a pretty accurate process of submitting. Do not be that person that creates some arbitrary number of what he feels or heard that type of job should cost.

Operating a business like this is just setting yourself up for failure. Without knowing the cost on your end how will you know if you’re making a profit, breaking even, or losing money? Do it the right way, every way and you have a better chance of remaining a business.

This is a pretty basic overview on the variable to consider when a tree service decides to go commercial. Knowing this before submitting bids allows the business owner to way his risk. Can he afford to operate at this level or should he wait a little while before making this step. Looking at some at these large tree servicing and landscaping companies with their fancy new trucks and equipment’s it looks grand. But as the saying goes the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The Tree Service Industry How to grow the business


There is one thing that people should know about the tree service industry and that it is a very skilled profession that not too many people can do.

We are talking about cutting down massive trees as seen in the video above.

And massive trees believe it or not are massively heavy, and they can fall down on houses or worse yet a person so there is always an element of extreme danger in this business and one has to be extremely cautious and supremely confident with Connor McGreggor like winner attitude.

Tree Removal Can Be Quite Dangerous

When we are talking about tree service and the business we’re in, its almost like a fireman that’s risking their lives. Did you know tree service ranks as one of the most dangerous in the world?

Its even more dangerous than fireman and police, it ranks number 2 right next to crab fishing.

And people wouldn’t necessarily think that but it is true.

Tree service is what we love however, because we love providing a great service that home owners can’t handle and we love providing that service that they desperately need. At the end of the day if we can make home owner’s lives better we can get paid, especially when you provide great support during emergency tree service.

and we grind this out everyday because we love this and we will continue to get it.

We believe in the tree service because we know nothing else, this is the best business to be in when you are proud of what you do, and get things done, it is that love for what we do that drives us from morning to night time, and we won’t stop

Deeper Knowledge in the Tree Service Industry

The more we do tree care the more we learn, the knowledge goes deep and there is many things we can explore from the summer to winter time we come and get it.

And things are on the up and up for us, our revenue is increasing every month, and we are looking good. We want to continue to grow and expand this business just like all my other business I’ve done in the past from plumbing to deck building I’ve done it all and been a business owner for a while.

It is always a pleasure to find the greats in this field and I’ve met a few and learned from each and every single one of them. That feeling you get when you are talking to a master and he believes in you and you get that greatness out of them is great.

at the national tree industry convention last year I met a guy named rick and rick has been in the industry for over 45 years and he told me so much about not just tree service but how to properly expand and grow a business.

The things I learned from him has inspired me to continue growing this business to a level of greatness that I see and feel today.

You will see one day that I will have one of the largest business in my state.

Winner Attitude by Connor, Learning about Tree Care

Have you guys heard of this called Conner McGreggor?

He is the most confident man I’ve ever seen, just listen to his videos and you will see what a champion talks like, what a champion or a king carries himself.

Its important to build confidence in whatever craft or skill you’re involved in, we are all fighting to become the best at something, hopefully that something is a craft that you absolutely enjoy. For me its all about being the best tree climber in my state and getting paid top dollars. This is what I live for the big challenge of climbing trees fast and efficiently, and people see how safe and controlled I am up there taking down limbs at record speeds, the top tree service companies want me.

When it comes to tree service I am supremely confident like Connor make no mistake about it.

I think in life its important to develop a craft that one is extremely proficient in and to make sure that you are the best in one area its all about doing that one thing and excelling at it and becoming the best there is in a particular field. For me my pride is at stake everytime and its something I am doing anyway so I am always thinking about it its like a 24/7 thing for me. If I am spending that much time with it anyway, might as well become the very best in that particular field.

Its not work when I climb trees its an absolute pleasure, one time my uncle who is also a tree climber gave me a contest to see who can climb the the big 60 ft pine tree the fastest, during one of our family get togethers during thanks giving and we had a little contest backyards. I beat him by 1 min and won the bet of $100 since then he never challenged or questioned my skills again, and there is 20 year age distance.

Sometimes the age and fit factor plays into role, and for me I have the experience to backup the skills. Tree climbing is definitely a developed skill that comes as a result of repetitive work and dedication to the craft itself. I work very hard everyday to ensure I am the expert and I am the go to guy in my crew and my crew members actually come to me for support, tips and training.

In this way I make my own payroll, the companies would rather pay me top dollars than to lose me and all my skills. I bring a tree service company a lot of comfort because its very difficult to find tree climbers that are reliable and dependable, tree climbers that aren’t addicted to drugs or alcohol. So I am everything tree service owners dream employee and I set myself apart from the rest just like Mr. McGreggor

Be the best my friends, its the only way to get paid, follow this blog to continue learning more about the life of people that are at the top skill level of tree care.